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This page is intended to give you an overview of the commercial land property market in the Tampa area. It includes trends and vacant land  listings available on the market. Please contact us if you would like additional information or help in finding industrial space in the Tampa area. Information will change so please check regularly.


MLS COMMERCIAL LAND PROPERTY SEARCH: Click here: MLS Vacant Land Listings Search in the Tampa Area. This is the general search engine for commercial propery listings on MLS

  • Enter the location (County or City).
  • For Property Style select the appropriate categegory: Commercial Land,Industrial Land,Residential Development Land,Multi-Family Land etc.
  • To select multiple categories hold the CTRL button on the keyboard down while you make the property style selections


• DEEP SEARCH COMMERCIAL LAND: MLS shows you only a limited portion of available office properties. If you are looking to purchase vacant land please contact us. Our services are free to Buyers. As a specialist commercial real estate broker, we have access to multiple additional sources and can comb through our extensive network to help you find an industrial property that meets your needs. Please comment below and tell us what you are looking for

• DISTRESSED COMMERCIAL LAND: Follow this link to receive a Free ReportDistressed Land in the Tampa Area Tampa Bay Land foreclosurers, Bank Owned, REO, Short Sales and Distressed land in the Tampa area.

Click here: Mortgage Calculator

• OUR FEATURED LISTINGS: Please click to view Our Listings

• TAMPA BAY LAND NEWS: Vacant Property News

Buyers/Tenants: Let us help you find COMMERCIAL LAND land to purchase: Comment below and tell us what you are looking for

Owners: Let us help you sell your COMMERCIAL LAND land property: Comment below and tell us about your property

For all your commercial real estate needs, this site enables you to search MLS lisitngs in Tampa Bay and beyond.
Click: Commercial MLS to search for Office space for lease and Office buidings for sale in Tampa,Industrial space for lease and Industrial buildings for sale in Tampa, Retail Space for lease and Retail buildings for sale in Tampa, Apartment buildings for sale in Tampa.
Click: MLS Land to search for vacant land in Tampa

Tampa Bay land listings include: Tampa land listings, St Petersburg land listings, Clearwater land listings, Brandon industrial property listings, Sarasota land listings. We will be glad to help you conduct a more extensive land property search. Please contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

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