Florida is one of the top 3 States to do Business


Florida Ranks as the Third Best State To Do Business

The USA is obsessed with rankings and there are numerous ranking of  States by various publications

First, rankings by Chief Executive magazine.

550 CEOs were surveyed for Chief Executives seventh annual report on the best and worst states in which to do business. Florida ranked as the third best state to do business in the USA.  The executives considered a wide range of criteria, from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment.
How competitive is Florida?

The five best states according to the survey are:

 2011 RANK      STATE                              2010 RANK     CHANGE

1                                Texas                                            10                              0

2                              North Carolina                              2                              0

3                             Florida                                            6                               3

4                             Tennessee                                      3                               -1

5                            Georgia                                           7                               2


and the five worst states:


2011 RANK            STATE                     2010 RANK         CHANGE

46                       Michigan                                 48                               2

47                       New Jersey                             47                               0

48                       Illinois                                      45                              -3

49                       New York                                 49                               0

50                      California                                 50                               0

Source Chief Executive May 2100


In November 2011 Site Selection magazine released its own set of rankings. Amongst the data they looked at was Atlas Van Lines’ annual study of corporate relocation’s in 2010. Overall Florida ranked 11th on the list of the Top State Business Climate rankings. This is up from the 18th place in the 2010 rankings.  However, a 2011 a Site Selection survey of Executives placed Florida 4th on the Business Climate Rankings.

Commercial property in Florida will benefit from the positive perception of Florida in national publications


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