Republican Covention 2012


The Republican National Committee today has selected the  Tampa, FL as the host city for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Tampa has already demonstrated its ability to rise to the occasion and host major events which includes Super Bowls and NBA tournament.

Nevertheless, to be selected as a host city is an achievement for Tampa and for the state of Florida. It confirms Tampa’s status as a vibrant growing and modern city. It has been 40 years since Florida last hosted a convention.  Before making their selection the committee looked at a several factors including the number and proximity of hotels, capacity of the arena to hold the convention, transportation, security, media work space, convention office space, and the ability to finance the operation.

With the exception of the Olympic Games, the Republican National Convention will be the largest media event in the world. Some numbers

  • $55 million is the Budget for the host committee (Compare this with the Super Bowl which has a budget of $10 million) .  Planning has started in earnest. The host committee has taken two floors in the Bank of America building in downtown Tampa
  • 50,000 people will descend upon to Tampa for the convention
  • 4,000 officers from the local police force plus FBI and secret service personnel will be in attendance
  • 8,000 volunteers will assist
  • 15,000 Hotel rooms per night for a minimums stay of  5 nights will be required (10,000 rooms in Hillsborough County and 5,000 rooms in Pinellas county). When you factor in the advance teams and the  convention take-down, there will be a total of 100,000 room-nights.

The activity will focus in the downtown area which will well covered by the Secret Service and the FBI. Some portions of downtown may be closed off for security reasons. The convention itself will be held at the St Pete Times Forum. The Tampa Convention Center will host the media.

The Convention should have an impact on the economy of Tampa Bay.  Aside from hotels, restaurants, retail, tourism will benefit. Visitors will find that  Tampa Bay offers opportunities for growth and is one of the lower cost regions to do business in the Untied States.  Recognition of the many attributes that Tampa Bay offers to business may be a boon to investment and commercial real estate in Tampa Bay

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